Do you need to slow down?

Now that we’re all back into the grind of life post-summer holidays….life can really start to come at you full-charge.

You’ll start to notice yourself saying the usual ‘I’m SO busy’ …

So with all the go, go , go…. Are you taking time to stop, to slow, to savour?

Quite possibly NOT.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the midst of chaos and often it feels exhilarating and productive.

But with all the doing, achieving and getting to the next step….

We forget about the reasons of it all.

The reasons why we achieve and do.

For most of us, it’s so that we have more time to just be, to relax, to have freedom.

Looking at the way we EAT is a great place to start….as this filters into everything.

Think about the way you eat each day…each meal, each mouthful.

Are you still, sitting down, enjoying and relishing the moment, tastes and textures?

I would say, not always. For some that might be NEVER.

Many of us eat whilst multi-tasking – texting, emailing, staring at a screen, writing lists, talking on the phone…

It’s too easy.

So, let’s see how we can slow down, paying attention to the preparation of food, the creating and then of course the eating.

So we can really savour the tastes, flavours, textures…and yes that may mean closing your eyes mid-mouthful.

When we cook stressed or ‘in a rush’, everything falls apart, things burn, ingredients are missed and the end result will probably taste terrible…

As opposed to being relaxed and patient, enjoying the process of cooking, resulting in food that usually tastes A LOT better.

Physiologically when we slow down to eat, we improve digestion and reduce the chance of bloating and over-eating.

Digestion starts in the mouth with our teeth. We need to properly chew food and create saliva which will then secrete enzymes to stimulate the digestive process.

Taking smaller bites and taking the time to chew first will make all the difference.

The mood and atmosphere you’re in when eating also makes a difference, if you’re surrounded by loved ones and enjoying good conversation while you savour the food…you’ll naturally digest it better.

If you’re stressed and needing to race out the door while you quickly inhale your meal, you’ll likely end up bloated and with poor digestion in the long-term.

This can relate to our whole lives…

The more we can slow down and savour each moment, each meal, each mouthful, each conversation ….the more we’ll digest mentally and the more present we become.

Here’s 3 easy ways to slow down while you eat…

1. Instead of drinking your morning smoothie on the way to work, start a little earlier. Pour it into a bowl, pop some nutritious and crunchy toppings over it and then enjoy with a spoon (sitting down). This forces you to take more time.

2. Put distractions away during your lunch break – challenge yourself to NOT check your Instagram account while eating.

3. Make dinner time a ‘NO-TV’ time, think ‘Italian family’ – spread the food over a set table and enjoy sloooowly. (This doesn’t have to be every night, but once or twice a week at least).

The possibilities are endless….

What’s your favourite ways to slow-down and savour while you eat?

X Georgie

Top image via Pinterest.