A Conscious Guide To Shopping & Gifting

If you’re a minimalist, environmentalist, eco-warrior or conscious consumer you’ll want nothing to do with incessant waste and over-the-top spending when it comes to shopping and gifting for yourself and others. While keeping your consumer habits to a minimum is the best option, there are of course plenty of occasions where shopping and gifting is necessary, so we’re sharing a simple guide for following sustainable and ethical practices while doing so…

Ethical Gift Shopping1. Choose Local & Handmade

There’s such a feel-good vibe that comes with supporting local businesses that are doing great things. Not only can you find some unique pieces that you wouldn’t find elsewhere, you are also showing your support for people that are trying to make a difference, one sale at a time. While this method of shopping can often be a little more expensive than the converse of shopping up the bargains in huge department stores, it is totally worth it. Always choose local & handmade!

2. Look For Long-Lasting Goods

When it comes to shopping for yourself and gifting to others, “long-lasting” is a word that should be at the forefront of your choices. Search for products/services that have a warranty or guarantee, that are sustainable options for everyday use, and that can even be passed onto other family members once you’ve maximised your use. Even better… If you can find organic recyclable or compostable products then you can feel even better about your consumption, knowing that at the end of its like there will be no negative impact on the environment.

3. Avoid “Greenwashing”

Do your research on the brands you’d like to purchase from before doing so. Read up on who they are, what they stand for, their company values, ethos and vision. A great rule of thumb is to opt for brands through which you can have direct contact with the founders; if they are truly conscious about what they are doing then they are likely to be involved in every little nitty gritty part of their business, including having contact with their customers.

Do your further research into where the materials are sourced from, where the products are manufactured and by whom, where they are stocked and any certifications/reviews that will further enhance the offering.

P.s. For those not aware of the term “greenwashing”, it is referring to deceptive PR and marketing that persuades the consumer that a particular brand/product is environmentally friendly, when that is not actually the case.

4. Use Eco-Gift Wrapping

Your conscious consuming doesn’t just begin and end with the product itself. Make sure that the wrapping used to bundle up the product also follows sustainable practices. Many of us rely on massive rolls of printed wrapping paper, which only takes a few seconds to unwrap and rip into shreds before heading off to landfill. In the interest of reducing waste, opt for acid-free tissue paper for wrapping your goods.

NoIssue are a tissue company born out of necessity to provide premium custom tissue with sustainability at the core of their business. All the ink used on NoIssue tissue paper is completely acid-free, lignin-free, sulfur-free and FSC Certified (shows consumers that a company is operating in an environmentally, economically and socially responsible way), providing a premium packaging solution without harming the environment. Further to this, any ink used on NoIssue tissue is soy-based as opposed to petroleum-based. Another big tick! 

Noissue Custom Tissue

In our day and age, it is every individual’s responsibility to be playing their part in taking care of our environment. Thankfully, the fashion, beauty and food industries are catching onto this and providing our market with more ethical choices and they’re making it easy for us to make this healthy transition.

To learn more about NoIssue custom tissue paper for all your ethical packaging needs, follow this link and get amongst the environmental revolution that is!xo