An Attitude of Gratitude

Thankful and Grateful

It’s too easy to start the day off negative, we may all be guilty of it. Discovering you’re out of bananas, you forgot to charge your phone, there’s not enough gas in your car, there’s too much traffic on the road, there’s not enough time in your day…. you could surely go on and we do.

Holding gratitude, however, may just be the one thing that is game-changing for you. You’ll find it impossible to be grumpy or negative when you flip those thoughts and start to think of what you do have. To be sitting here and reading these words right now- either on your phone or laptop, you are pretty well blessed.

When we begin to focus on gratitude and what we do have, things start to shift and more abundance will appear. Holding a thought of appreciation can quickly remind you that things aren’t too bad your end.  It should not be forced or false but can be as simple as saying ‘Thank You’ in your mind. Or maybe genuinely giving or accepting a compliment.

Giving thanks is where it all begins.


Here’s a couple of great ways to make ‘daily gratitude’ practical…

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Every night before bed, have a little note book handy and just write,  “I am grateful for… ” Write whatever comes up.  When you start with simple things, the list can be endless. There’s no need to over think or edit what comes, just let the words flow onto the page and enjoy this process, it’s immediately uplifting and the best way to fall asleep.  You can also do this upon waking and this will set you up for a winning day!


Keep a Gratitude Jar

Get a jar, a mini note pad & a pen. Keep them somewhere easily accessible.  Each day before you leave the house write one or as many things as you like on the paper and post into the jar.  Watching the jar fill up with paper notes will be enough to remind you on your down days of all the abundance in your life.

Having gratitude takes practice and consistency, so making it a daily habit is the key to success.  We need to nurture ourselves and continue to work towards the knowing that we are enough and we have enough.


Try this…

In any moment where there is a gap in time, try to hold in your mind (even for 30 seconds) the gratitude that you can feel for the most simple of things; for standing, breathing, living, the food you eat, the water you drink, warmth and smiles from strangers, and the love and support you have in your life.

Challenge yourself to this practice and you will reap beautiful results.

One more note, this isn’t about ‘sugar-coating’ the bad stuff in life (which will inevitably happen from time-to-time) but rather about shifting our focus onto the good… then watching the negativity fade out piece by piece.


Tell us! What’s your favourite way to cultivate an attitude of gratitude? What’s your best way out of a downward spiral of negative thoughts? We’d love you to share this with anyone you know who needs a gentle little reminder….which, let’s be honest – we all do xo