7 Self-Care Rituals Worth Your Time

There are so many self-care rituals out there that it can be hard to pick and choose which ones are worth fitting in with your lifestyle, despite how amazing their health benefits are proclaimed to be. While it would be a wonderful world if you could fit all known rituals into each day, that is simply not feasible for most people who have limited time and resources. We’ve broken down our top 7 self-care rituals that we really think are worth your time. They will provide clear, positive benefits for your overall health and wellbeing.

Breathe1. Journaling

There are so many proven ways that journaling can truly improve your life and all it takes is 5-10 minutes per day to put pen to paper. Journaling for us is a way to practice gratitude, simply giving thanks for all that is existing in your life right now. It is a way to clear your head, spilling all your thoughts out onto paper like a sounding board, just like having a good vent to a friend. Journaling is also effective for helping you stay on top of and keep track of your goals, constantly revisiting and evaluating where you are at and where you need to go.

One of the greatest things about a regular journaling practice is that it encourages you to live within your own personal values. By regularly revisiting your personal values, you’ll begin to see what’s really important to you. These personal values can stay written down in your journal for safe-keeping and can serve as your guide to remind you where your values lie and help with clear decision making.

The I AM Journal is a super simple journal that encourages self-love, gratitude and awareness into your life. This journal can stay on your bedside or travel with you as your sacred space for thoughts, dreams, goals and gratitude.

I AM Journal

2. Stretching

Most modern jobs involve a whole lot of sitting down hunched over a computer screen and not much else; often leading to back strain, shoulder tightness and shortened hip flexors. Simple stretches and muscle pulses throughout your working day can help minimise muscle fatigue and pain that results from this, keeping your body loose and nimble as you go about your computer work. Implementing stretching breaks while at your desk can help you to feel and function as well as possible, and may include neck flexion/extension/rotation, shoulder rolls, wrist rolls, spinal flexion/extension, glute squeezes, heel lifts and ankle stretches.

Starting and finishing your day with a set of stretches can help your body feel its absolute best, increasing blood flow throughout and keeping your muscles lengthened. These stretches will get you started and there are plenty of articles and YouTube videos with an abundance of stretches to suit your body’s needs. We really recommend that you choose a set of stretches that feels great in your own body, helping to start your day with vitality and finish your day with calmness.

3. Essential Oils

Using essential oils is a wonderful way to tap into your central nervous system via smell and can be hugely beneficial for your emotional wellness. Bergamot is one particular essential oil that is uplifting and energising, and has been shown to increase feelings of positivity just 15 minutes after exposure to your senses. Rosemary is another lovely option, stimulating your confidence and concentration while also clearing your mind and emotions. Geranium will help bring a sense of calm to your body if you are feeling anxious, providing happiness and peace (it also works wonderfully as a hormone balancer in women… Bonus!). Ylang Ylang helps with stress and anxiety, providing you clarity to focus upon happiness and gratitude.

There are a number of essential oils out there, all with associated health benefits. Have a play with some different combinations and note how you feel after each.

Essential Oils4. Herbal Tea

We are huge herbal tea drinkers and strongly believe in their powerful, natural healing benefits. There is a herbal tea for every occasion… From a much-needed energy boost or a cleanse/detox, through to one that promotes restful sleep or something that can help relieve stress and anxiety. Drinking tea can be a wonderful way to centre and ground yourself, cleanse your insides and provide you with energy and glow. Check out our 3 Herbal Teas To Make Your Skin Glow. We also love a natural green tea as a nourishing coffee alternative, providing energy and mental clarity without some of the nasty side-effects of coffee. Peppermint tea is a winner for healthy digestion, while chamomile tea is our go-to before bedtime to provide a sound night of sleep.

5. Yoga / Meditation

Taking some time out just for YOU each and every day has got to be our #1 self-care ritual that is an absolute non-negotiable. A yoga or meditation practice is a great way to do just that, allowing your mind to switch off as it focuses on your breath and your body’s movement. A daily practice is invaluable to your physical and mental wellbeing, allowing you to ground yourself, clear your head and focus on what really matters. The bonus of a yoga practice is that you have the opportunity to lengthen and strengthen your body at the same time, while in meditation you can tune into your breath and ensure you are nourishing with your breath as best as you possibly can in each and every day.

Yoga6. Movement

Daily movement is a gift that you are giving not only to your body but your mind also, nourishing your whole self with a healthy dose of movement. Whether this be a walk outdoors, a yoga or pilates class, an at-home or gym workout or even a few laps in a pool/swim in the sea… Whatever tickles your fancy when it comes to movement is going to be the best for YOU. We discourage you from forcing yourself along to movement that you do not enjoy, but rather to choose daily movement that invigorates your body and soul, waking up your mind and allowing you to feel refreshed and alive. There are so many options right at the tip of your fingers and minimal resources required for this ritual. Add it into your daily regime and notice how much better it makes you feel.

7. Nature

Taking time to connect with nature is one sure fire way to improve your mindset and to take care of yourself. This might be just 5 minutes each day, taking a walk through your local park or popping down to the beach to feel the sand between your toes. If you are feeling a little flat or down, take yourself outside and we can assure you you’ll have an improved outlook and clearer mind by the time you make it home.

MindBodyGreenWhat are your go-to self-care rituals? How often do you practice them? Remember to incorporate rituals into your daily life that suit YOUR lifestyle, not anyone else’s. A regular self-care ritual will help you live with the best possible overall health and wellbeing xo