5 Ways to Practice More Self-Love

Selflove 5 ways to practice more selflove

Practicing self-love can be challenging for many of us, especially in times when we face challenges or changes in our lives. If you’re reading this article, you likely know that this is an area of your life where you could dedicate a little more energy. Self-love doesn’t need to take hours of your time, it doesn’t have to be scary or woo-woo, it’s not self-centered and it’s definitely not selfish. Check out some easy tips below to help you practice more self-love!

What is it?

It’s essential. It’s essential for you to be able to put your best foot forward in every aspect of your life. Taking the time to care for yourself and giving yourself the regular bear hugs of self-love that you deserve is totally necessary. It’s something that we can easily push to the side because somewhere along the line we got told that it’s indulgent or selfish. As ladies, we can feel guilty for spending time or energy on ourselves – but this is so wrong. Particularly if you’ve got little babes running around or a family to take care of, you need to fill your own barrel up so you can let your goodness overflow to those you love the most.

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It really can be very simple…here’s a few ideas to get you started:

1. Roll out your mat and stretch that gorgeous body of yours. ‘Doing yoga’ doesn’t have to entail a full 60-minute power class. It could be a 10-minute roll around on your mat to get your body flowing and your muscles awake. It’s about getting the blood moving, the oxygen flowing and the body warm. Stretch in a way that feels good to you; this absolutely counts an act of self-love!

2. Gratitude. There are countless ways to cultivate more gratitude. You can write in your journal, morning or night. You could make a habit of exclaiming the things you’re grateful for as soon as you wake. You could look in the mirror as you jump in the shower and instead of berating your body or picking flaws, you could acknowledge your beauty. Be thankful for your ability to breathe, to stand, to move, to have a warm shower and a dry towel… You get the drift!

3. Create a morning routine that you LOVE. How we start the day is of huge importance to how we spend that day and ultimately how we spend our life. Creating a positive routine that you LOVE is important to assist you in bounding outta bed each morning. Read up on a whole list of inspiring morning routines here.

4. Eat nourishing foods. This is the ultimate act of self-love. How we fuel ourselves comes down to how much respect we have for our bodies, our minds and our lives. If you’re passionate about living a full and thriving life, then take control of what you eat, how you move and how you think. These are crucial pillars to living your BEST life.

5. Make a constant effort to avoid negative self-talk. Whenever that inner-critic creeps in and wants to tell you how you’re not good enough or worthy enough, just nip her in the bud! Becoming aware of your mind’s habits is the first step. This also comes down to how you judge others and how you speak about them. Make a conscious effort to speak lovingly of others, without judgement, and it will be a lot easier to stop judging yourself and loving yourself. We’re all on our own journey and we can replace negativity with positivity. May sound corny, but it works!


We’d love to know, what practices of self-love do you have? Any ideas are welcome and should be shared in the comments below xo