5 Ways With Muesli

Muesli is a simple and versatile pantry staple and is most commonly enjoyed as a breakfast cereal in the morning.  But we’re here to tell you that there are many more exciting ways you can enjoy your muesli and it shouldn’t be limited to breakfast!

Muesli is generally an oat-based cereal, filled with a mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Unfortunately there are loads of options out there which are not-so-healthy. They’re often laden with refined sugars, vegetable oils and unnecessary ingredients. So when we discovered a healthy and nutritious muesli made without added sugars and toasted lightly in coconut oil, we were happy campers – enter the Ceres Organics Super Good Muesli range. Three different flavours and all equally delicious, these can be enjoyed as is or read on to find out other ways you can pimp out your muesli…

Stone fruit crumble recipe I AM Co healthy Ceres Organics

1. Use as a topping to a smoothie bowl

Yes, you’ve likely seen this on Instagram before and for good reason. This is a delicious way to add a bit of extra sustenance and crunch to your morning beverage. Making it a little heartier so that it’ll see you through until lunchtime without hunger pangs.


2. Make it into a fruit crumble topping

We love a good fruity dessert. You can enjoy fruit crumble any time of the year – we are especially enjoying crumbles made with the abundance of in-season stone fruits right now (sprinkled with a few fresh berries for good measure). To make your crumble topping simple take a couple of cups of muesli, mix with melted coconut oil and voila! Spoon this over your chopped fruit before roasting in the oven until golden. Check out this YUM recipe here.

3. Make delicious oat cookies

Many cookie recipes call for wholegrain oats as a chewy base, for this we suggest replacing the oats with your muesli to enhance the flavour and texture.

Oat cookies muesli Ceres Organics

4. Make homemade muesli bars

There are many recipes out there for homemade nourishing muesli (or granola) bars, find one that suits your flavour preference and then use muesli as the base instead of plain oats. To make a muesli bar, you’ll generally need a combo of oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and some coconut oil or butter to hold it together well. We like this recipe here.


5. Make a breakfast parfait

Make your muesli more exciting by layering it in a jar with chia pudding, coconut yoghurt and fruit. Berries work really well with this, as would any stewed fruit. If you make this the night before your muesli will turn into more of a bircher consistency which we quite like!

Muesli Ceres Organics Wholesome

You will find a range of the delicious and nourishing Ceres Organics Super Good Muesli’s available for purchase online or in select supermarkets throughout NZ.

They come in three delightful flavours – Blackcurrant & Vanilla; Cacao Coconut Crunch and Cashew & Cranberry.

You will also find a packet of this goodness featuring inside each February Delight Box.