5 Ways To Make Your Workday Healthier

Staying healthy in the office can be challenging at times, with birthdays, leaving do’s and meetings in the diary most weeks. While a treat here and there certainly doesn’t hurt, indulging in not-so-nourishing food/drink on the daily may be detrimental to your health if occurring over an extended period of time. Here are some simple tips and tricks for staying healthy in the office during your working week:

Healthy Office1. Hydration

Staying hydrated throughout your working day is key for keeping your energy levels high and your body cells healthy. Keep a large glass or bottle of water on your desk all day to encourage ongoing consumption and refills. If plain filtered water doesn’t float your boat, add some herbal tea bags to your glass/bottle for additional flavour and even some therapeutic herbal benefits. Alternative hydrating drink options for your working day include kombucha, green juice or even a matcha latte!

2. Movement

Get up and move around and outside your office at any given opportunity. Take yourself outdoors for 5-10 minutes at least one each day to relieve stiffness in your body and to clear your head. If you just can’t tear yourself away from your desk on an extra busy day, multi-task while you’re walking by answering texts/calls you’re needing to return. A casual walk may become your go-to tactic when unhealthy temptation kicks in.

3. Participate

Get in on the organisation of colleague birthday cakes, lunch meetings, leaving do’s and the like. The next time you and your workmates are ordering food/drink for an upcoming event, take the lead with incorporating healthy options. You might be surprised at those who are keen to jump on this bandwagon alongside you!

4. Encourage

Encouraging your workmates to lead a healthy lifestyle may be just the extra push you need to easily maintain yours. Be creative to keep each other motivated and accountable to stay on track. You could even start an in-house competition amongst your workmates with monthly check-ups for everyone involved and a super appealing prize for the winner at the end.

5. Healthy Snacking

Those mid-morning / mid-afternoon munchies are inevitable so it pays to face them prepared. Stock up that top drawer or office fridge of yours with dried fruit & nuts, kale chips, carrot, cucumber, hummus, trail mix or your favourite wholefood snack bar. Our go-to this month is the Ceres Organics Raw Goodness Bar, which is such an easy snack to keep on hand when those munchies kick in. This range of raw wholefood bars is power-packed with superfood ingredients and without any nasties, not to mention they come in environmentally friendly packaging that can be composted, therefore you don’t have to feel any guilt about the environment when snacking on these bad boys. Learn more about this delicious range here.

Ceres Organics Raw Goodness Bar

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