5 Tips to Spring Clean You

With summer coming up…one can start to question (and perhaps regret) their winter habits of lounging about, as they realize they’ll soon be donning shorts, skirts and dresses. 

To prevent any concerns around your ‘summer body’ it’s time to take a look at your consistent lifestyle habits and make changes where necessary.

SO if you’re looking to feel lighter and more energized as we move into the warmer months, start to look at your lifestyle day-to-day,

With more daylight hours it’s the perfect excuse for exercise outdoors and to eat lighter meals.

 Here are 5 SIMPLE tips to get you motivated….

1. How do you start your day? Before you do anything else- get in the habit of drinking a tall glass of warm water with fresh lemon squeezed in it.  For an extra bonus add in 1 tbsp raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar.  This helps to cleanse the body and alkalinize the system- reducing inflammation.  Follow this up with drinking LOTS of water. We all wake up dehydrated, so this is super important.

2. Sweat more. There is no better time to start exercising (& sweating more), you can wake up earlier and there are more hours of daylight for exercise outdoors.  Get in to the groove of setting your alarm a little earlier and getting straight outside for some fresh spring air and some movement, whether it’s a walk, a light jog or some skipping.  If you need extra motivation join a local boot camp or running / walking club and join in for the extra push that you need.  Spring is also a great time to enjoy your local hiking tracks, so get outside and lap it up.

3. Eat clean and lean. It’s a good time right now to eat lighter, so eat more green vegetables, healthy smoothies, juices and more fibre rich foods. It’s a good time to cut down on heavier foods such as red meat, fried foods, dairy products and in particular refined sugars (that includes alcohol).  This doesn’t have to be final, but it’s a nice way to give your digestive system a break.

4. Spring clean your surroundings.  We all know that a cluttered life leads to less productivity and even heightened stress for some.  During winter, as we hibernate, this leads to more junk build-up.  This could include newspapers, boxes, old blankets, expired foods, old clothing or shoes.  If this is the case in your home– dedicate a weekend and clear out anything you no longer need. You will feel SO much lighter. *Donate it to your local charities- Hospice or Salvation Army always have open arms.

5. Try some twisting yoga poses to help cleanse your body more efficiently.  If you can make it to a local yoga studio or gym for a class, do it.  If you can’t make it to a guided class, it’s time to DIY.  Get some comfy pants on, lie down on a yoga mat (or on the floor) and draw both knees into your chest- hug them in and then open your arms & let your bent stacked knees roll to the right while keeping both shoulders touching down- turn your head to the left. Hold for 5- 10 slow breaths and then change sides. These spinal twists are great to do right upon waking or in the evening before bed, helping to stimulate digestion and getting things moving with the release of the breath.

*This blog was adapted from an article I wrote for the local Queenstown paper- Frankton Flyer.* 

Are you motivated to Spring Clean your body right now…?

We’d love to hear your tips and ideas…Share any insights below…

X Georgie