5 Snacks to Cure Hanger

I’m a snacker. Yep, I shamelessly love food and snacking is just another way to fit in some of my favourite delights.  It also helps me to feel balanced and stops the dreaded hanger in its tracks. I’ve found, people are either ‘snackers’ or they’re not. It can get confusing, one day research is telling us we need to snack and the next, it’s telling us not to.

Should we or shouldn’t we? This is the question. Which really, has an individual answer.  It comes down to our individual bodies on any given day. When we can start to listen to our body – we get to know our own energy levels and can work to keep them controlled and hopefully thriving.

Are you really hungry? There are many reasons people snack, including out of habit, boredom, thirst (dehydration), hunger, light-headedness, inability to concentrate, lack of energy etc….

It’s always a good idea to look at our main meals and check what’s going on. There’s various aspects to look at, including how much fat or protein features. These beauties will help to stabilize our blood sugars and keep us full for longer.

Looking at flavour is also important, ensuring there’s enough natural sweetness vs saltiness in each meal.  As well as texture, ensuring the crunch : softness ratio is even, this will aid in the satisfaction process of eating.

Me? I usually snack mid-morning and then again mid-afternoon. Yes, it may be a habit, but I also keep my breakfast and lunch fairly light.  I prefer to eat lighter and more often…reason being, if I have a heavy breakfast or lunch, I get verrrry sleepy.  When there’s no time for sleepiness- light, fresh and more often is the way.

Snacking really helps me to stay balanced and ensures I don’t get crazy hunger/anger attacks and reach for something unlikely. So for now, this little snacker will continue to snack. With that, here are my 5 favourite snacking ideas…

Top 5 Snacks:

Green Smoothie with Chia Seeds

Such a simple way to get more greens into your day and a really quick and steady boost of energy.  The chia helps to keep you full with protein and is rehydrating. This is easy to digest and I find it to be the perfect afternoon snack to tie me over until dinner. Using leftovers from breakfast makes this EASY.

Homemade Trail Mix

This is again super simple and a great snack mid-morning to keep you going until lunch without feeling light-headed or irritable. Keeping it simple is the key– I like to mix raw nuts, raw seeds (sunflower, pumpkin), goji berries, raw cacao nibs, coconut chips (unsweetened) and maybe some organic dried apricot pieces.

Bliss Balls

These are easy if you already have them made and stored in the fridge.  If they’re fairly small – take two and enjoy with a large cuppa tea / coffee in the morning.  These are perfect for me after my morning smoothie and keep me going with a good source of energy to power-through my morning tasks.  Try this recipe here or here.

Protein Whip Shake

This is an easy one– but you’ll need a blender.  Take a scoop of a delicious clean protein powder and throw into a blender with a cup of water, a handful of ice cubes, 1 small banana and a good sprinkling of cinnamon. This will STOP sugar cravings in their tracks and keep you going all afternoon – a good one for that 3pm snack attack time.

Celery boats 

Again, prep makes your life easy here.

When you first buy your celery– wash it, chop it and pop it into a large ziplock bag in the fridge. When a snack attack hits– simply grab out a few stalks with a jar of your choice (Peanut Butter or Tahini) and dip away.

I should also mention fresh fruit as a favourite. It’s just so simple and clean. FRESH seasonal fruit is a wonderful whole-food snack– just as nature intended.  I mostly eat fruit alone or before heavier foods to give it time to digest easily enough. (Fruit digests very fast, so can cause bloating or digestive discomfort if consumed with other food).

Please tell – what’s your favourite snack ?

Anything weird and wonderful?

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