With the resurgence of solid toiletries, we thought it was about time to list our favourite reasons to make the switch, and prove the humble bar soap belongs back in your house (as well as your grandparents place). From sustainability to quality, here’s our top 5 reasons to ditch the liquid and switch to bars!

1, They cost less, for way more! 

That’s right, that little bar of soap goes a long way. On average your bar of soap will not only cost half as much as a bottle of liquid soap (or more!), it’ll also last twice as long, depending on how clean you want to be of course. Not only is a bar of soap good for your skin and the environment, it’s also good for your wallet! 

2, They have less packaging & are plastic free! 

Our solid bar soaps are completely plastic free, packed in recyclable cardboard. If you’re already on the sustainability train then switching to solid soap (if you haven’t already) is a small, but big, step in the right direction. 

3,  They have simplified ingredients! 

Most liquid soaps rely on water and preservatives to maintain their texture and formula. While bar soaps still include water, it’s far lower down on the ingredient list, as all the moisturising oils and butters make up the majority of your soapy goodness. A solid bar requires fewer ingredients to stabilise it’s solid state, simply put, everything that goes into Skinfood Body Bars is there for a reason! These bars are also made from natural ingredients, meaning they don’t contain any parabens, sulfates & chemicals that can be harmful to our environment, bonus! 

4, They’re travel friendly!

No need to play suitcase tetris with a soap bar. Part of their charm is how convenient and travel friendly these bars are. You can even wait for your shower soap to dry completely and pack it back into its box to come on holiday with you! Bonus, they don’t exceed the ml allowance if you only have carry on luggage! 

5, They’ve stood the test of time!

Soap has a long lovely history, and we still use them today, so they must be doing something right! It really says a lot about a product that has existed without change for thousands of years. We think it’s time to take your shower back to basics with this fan favourite. And the best part? There’s so much variety! Skinfood have created 6 unique blends (so far!), so there is a soap for everyones preference and skin needs, from exfoliating to nourishing, coffee to peppermint, they’ve got you covered!

Check out the full range on offer by Skinfood HERE.

Thanks to the team at Skinfood New Zealand for allowing us to share this blog.