5 Nourishing Ways With Chilli Beans

Chilli beans… The perfect base to any vegetarian winter warming meal. What we really love about chilli beans is that they are suepr versatile, hearty and full of nutrients. As far as we are concerned you really can’t go wrong but just in case you are lost for ideas of how to use chilli beans, we’re sharing our top five nourishing ways with chilli beans that are simple enough to whip up for yourself, your friends and your family…

Stuffed Sweet Potato

Obviously we couldn’t talk about chilli beans without mentioning our favourite way to enjoy these bad boys… Stuffed into a deliciously sweet kumara! So delectable, hearty and healthy, this is one of our absolute fave winter meal options. And the best part is that you can top them up with anything you want… Think guacamole, cashew cheese and your favourite fresh herbs. Try out our scrummy Chilli Bean Stuffed Sweet Potato recipe here. You won’t regret it!

Wholesome Nachos

Who can resist a bowl of healthy nachos? Not us, that’s for sure! These are eaten at leat weekly, if not more often in our homes. Try making these by loading up your favourite gluten-free corn chips with chilli beans, fresh salsa, guac, cashew nut cheese and a little coriander. Yummo!

Brown Rice and Chilli Bean Capsicums

Next up is another stuffed goodie that we can never go past… Capsicums! Simply fry up an onion and garlic then add your beans, a tin of tomatoes, fresh basil, and some cooked brown rice. Mix it up and stuff those capsicums! Bake in the oven and thank us later…

Veggie Burrito

We love grilling up some of our fave seasonal veggies like eggplant, capsicum and zucchini then layering them with chilli beans in a big ol’ burrito! Comfort food at its best. Add in plenty of fresh herbs like basil or coriander to really spruce it up then top with either coconut or Greek yoghurt and voila! A Mexican feast right at your fingertips.


Love this one for a quick and easy weekend brunch. You are going to need tinned tomatoes (or fresh if you have ’em!), a can of organic chilli beans, onion, garlic and oil. Once all of that is simmering away in a cast-iron pan, add in your eggs and throw the pan into the oven, do a lil dance while the eggs cook and you’ve got yourself a nourishing and delicious meal to enjoy.

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