5 Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery

We have said it before and we will happily say it again… Journaling is a non-negotiable in our daily routine for its positive impact on helping us to be better, happier versions of ourselves and to bring our best each and every day. While we love our daily journaling, we also understand that it can be hard to put pen to paper at times. Below we have shared some super simple and practical journaling prompts that help us out when we get those writer’s block feels. Give them a go for yourself!

 1. List everything you are grateful for:

This is a go-to journaling practice of ours as we love to incorporate gratitude into every single day, no matter the mood or circumstances. Not only is this the perfect pick-me-up exercise for when you are feeling a little down, it also helps you to attract more of the amazing things in your life you are already grateful for! Remember… It is impossible to be unhappy when you are grateful.

 2. Affirmations:

Affirmations are super important to manifest positive self-talk and recognition. We love choosing affirmations that allow us to focus more on that moment in time… For example, I AM Confident on the morning of a presentation or I AM Compassionate when you are dealing with someone difficult. Have a think of the qualities you want to embody and those that you admire in the people around you and write yourself a little (or big) list of affirmations. Repeat them out loud to yourself or quietly inside your head as a gentle reminder in your day. I AM…

 3. Goals Goals Goals!

One sure way to motivate yourself to get stuff done is to regularly write out your goals. This is an amazing exercise for a Sunday evening prior to the fresh week ahead, or alternatively as soon as you wake each morning. The more often you can check in on your goals, the more likely you are to actually accomplish them. Don’t forget to break them down into bite-sized chunks, as well as dedicating some time to bigger picture goals… 1-year, 5-year and even 10-year goals.

 4. Write a letter to yourself:

There are many ways of doing this… You could write a letter to your teenage self; what would you tell yourself? What advice would you give? Write it down. Another goodie is to write a letter to your future self; what are you doing in your life at the moment? Where do you see yourself in five years? Put your letter some place safe to check back on in years to come.

 5. Free writing:

Free writing is super effective when you are feeling a little overwhelmed or stressed out and your brain needs a good declutter. Grab your fave journal and literally just LET. IT. OUT. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling or if you are making sense or not, no one is going to read it except you! We guarantee you’ll be feeling much, much better after those thoughts have spilled out of your head and onto the page in front of you.

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