4 Ways To Get Your Wellness On This Weekend

Weekends are the ultimate time to try something new and create habits that support your personal growth and happiness. Here are our five suggestions for getting your wellness on this weekend:

Get Outdoors…

… Nothing better than a bit of nature to say hello to the weekend, particularly if you’re cooped up inside your office all week long. Find a beautiful bush walk, head to the beach or simply wander to your local cafe for a catch-up with friends. A breath of fresh air can be so therapeutic and will help you to detox and cleanse your body and your mind.


Spend Time in the Kitchen…

… Whipping up delicious and nutritious foods. So often during the week we find ourselves pressed for time and turning to quick and easy foods that may not be as healthy as we would like. Utilise the extra time you have this weekend to delve into your fave recipe book and prep some meals and snacks for the week ahead. Your future self will thank you for it! We’ve got an abundance of nourishing, delicious and generally pretty simple-to-make recipes here. Have a browse, we’re sure you’ll find something to tantalise your taste buds.

Spring Clean…

… Your kitchen, your bedroom, your office or all of the above. As it is technically now spring, spring cleaning is rather appropriate! There’s nothing quite like the clarity you’ll feel after cleansing and purging your surrounding space. Have a clearout of your wardrobe, re-organise your kitchen or simply do some extra cleaning that might’ve been missed in your busy working week. Be sure to get rid of anything that no longer serves you! It can be daunting but you’ll feel so much better for it.


… Whether this be in a yoga class, through a guided meditation podcast or simply at home in your own space, meditation is such a goodie for clearing your head of the week’s stresses, grounding yourself and taking on a new week with a fresh and positive approach.

MeditationTake your wellness up a notch this weekend by implementing one or more of these fun, useful wellness tips. You won’t regret it as you soar your way into a new week with fresh energy and clarity!xo

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