5 All-Natural Tips For A Healthy Mouth

Having a healthy mouth is super important and often something that is forgotten about or avoided – until something goes wrong !

Our mouth however, is a key indicator of what’s going on elsewhere in the body. The mouth will pick up bacteria and problems before the rest of the body…Notice how when you feel stressed or run-down your mouth will show signals first – ulcers, sores, acidity?

It pays to take small steps now to prevent more damage in the longterm…and doing this naturally is SO much more rewarding…(not to mention cheaper!)

1. Avoid sugary food and drinks

We all know that sugar is the devil when it comes to our teeth – it causes plaque and cavities. So it’s important to really look at where sugar is hiding in your diet – it maybe in sugary drinks (including fruit juices & even some ‘health drinks’), cereals, sweetened yoghurts etc. It’s a stand you should take for your teeth, gums and overall wellbeing – this is for yourself and your kids as well.

2. Increase whole foods – fruits and vegetables 

Having a low pH in the mouth (meaning an acidic environment) is a perfect growing ground for bacteria and disease – not ideal! By increasing the amount of whole foods (and in turn reducing the amounts of processed junk) you will create a balanced pH. Eating fruits and veggies in their raw state is also a natural way to help remove plaque and freshen breath – try munching on fresh snap peas, apples, carrots, celery.

3. Hydrate

Drinking water is so important for your mouth-health and for producing saliva. Drink water between meals and after snacking to help flush and swish away any food debris and coating on the teeth.  Keeping yourself hydrated will mean there’s plenty of saliva to neutralize acids and prevent tooth decay.

4. Use warm salty water as a wash

If your mouth is in a fragile state with ulcers or other pains – using warm salty water will do the trick to naturally cleanse and heal better than the expensive mouth washes.  Many mouth washes are full of alcohol, sugars and toxic ingredients.  Keep it simple with a glass of warm water and a half teaspoon of sea salt.

5. Pick the right TOOLS

Many experts say brushing too hard will eventually brush off the important enamel on our teeth. This makes sense, so opting for a standard soft natural bristle brush (like this Go Bamboo option) is always my go to.

When it comes to your TOOTHPASTE – it’s important to avoid the ones that are FULL of chemicals, sugars and nasties – no thanks!

Choosing a natural based toothpaste has many benefits and GRIN toothpaste is a great example.

Using NZ Made Grin Toothpaste has meant we can trust what’s going in our mouths (and into our bodies) and know that there are NO added nasties ( NO sodium lauryl sulfate, preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavours, fragrance and harsh abrasives)…Grin uses Manuka oil extract, Propolis and Sea salt to naturally cleanse and freshen breath. Yes, please!

We’re big fans and are sure you will be too.

You can buy your own tube of GRIN here.

Give your mouth a little love now and you’ll prevent dental problems (and yucky bills) later on down the track!

Images supplied from Grin Natural Products. Grin Toothpaste RRP $7.99 www.grinnatural.co.nz

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