Staying Healthy On The Road

We’ve been on a roadie this week…driving from one end of New Zealand to the other. It’s been eye-opening, beautiful and slightly uncomfortable at times.

Being crammed into a car for hours on end is not everyones idea of fun, but I find there’s still something peaceful about driving from town-to-town and just taking it all in.

The uncomfortable feelings generally come up, when the food options on offer are not your ideal and your body starts to feel stiff and restless.

When you’re used to a certain way of eating (maybe even a routine of eating)…it can be challenging to get out of this. I’ve always loved travel and enjoy the spontaneity of it all, but in the past i’ve found if I don’t stick to some healthy habits I start to feel pretty rubbish, pretty quick. And no one wants to be stuck in a car with a grumpy, irritable and possibly hangry lady.

Eating healthy on the road is important to keep you grounded and settled amongst the chaos of travel. What we eat daily has a truly powerful impact on our thoughts, our emotions, energy levels and our general state.

So, instead of stopping at the gas station and filling up on junk on your next roadie, take a chilly bin and be prepared…it’s a lot more fun that way too!

11 tips for staying healthy on the road:

~ Most obviously, be prepared with snacks – fresh fruit, not bananas (as these squash so easy and stink) but apples, pears, stone fruits. As well as raw nuts and seeds in small bags. These make a perfect snack when you’re in between meals.

~ Take a bag of lemons and start each day with your warm water and lemon as usual. This will alkalanize and kick start your metabolism and digestion to keep things moving.

~ Have plenty of water on hand and drink up all day. This is key! Stopping more often for the loo is worth it and means you get to stretch your legs, bonus!

~ Have salty snacks on hand. Take a few bags of lightly salted popcorn. ‘Serious Popcorn’ is a good option as it’s cooked in small batches in coconut oil. OR organic corn chips and hummus are another great option.

~ Take a greens powder with you or start your day with a green juice or smoothie, this is a great way to ensure your hitting your greens quota before you start your day. If this isn’t possible, start with some fresh fruit to alkalinize.

~ Take a jar or a shaker that you can scoop your favourite protein powder in to and shake up with water.

~ Research. Every small town or city we were heading to, I would get onto my friend

~ Google and search ‘organic’ or ‘vegetarian’ cafes that would offer healthy and whole food options. We hit some absolute winners this way and were fed delicious healthy fare at many surprising destinations.

~ Take a thermos, fill it up with hot water wherever you can and take a whole lot of different tea bags. The Yogi Tea range is our favourite, as each bag comes in an individual packet – perfect for the road!

~ Move. Something about sitting all day makes it even harder to stretch your body. But this is SO important.  Starting the day (before you hit the road) with at least 10 minutes of movement will make all the difference. Ideally you’d have an hour or so before you leave to move- some jumping, walking, yoga stretches are all great to move the lower half and to stretch out your hip flexors, before sitting for hours, .

~ Stay in self-contained units where you can so you can cook your own meals – particularly breakfast. Using the app Air BnB is our favourite, plus you usually get to meet locals this way with inside knowledge of the area.

~ Most importantly, ENJOY…road trips are a little messy and chaotic at times so allow yourself to enjoy the madness of eating on the road. It’s all part of it, don’t feel guilty for indulging a little more than usual, just pick yourself up and ensure your next meal makes you feel better.

I hope these tips help for your next road trip…

How do you stay healthy on the road..?

Let us know in the comments below…

x x Georgie