Vitality Bowl from Vitality Organics

Here at I AM Co. one of our favourite things to do is enjoy visiting the great cafes around the country. We’re so spoilt to have such an amazing range of cafes serving some hugely delicious, healthy food from a wide variety of cultures. Some of these cafes have been generous enough to share some of our favourites with you….

Based in the beautiful Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, Vitality Organics are proudly New Zealand owned and operated. Each day the Vitality team can be found slinging delicious plant-based food through their ever growing locations of shake shacks. They have a delicious range of organic smoothies, coffee and food. In addition to their shake shacks, their range of superfoods and plant-based proteins can be found in all Vitality Organic locations and good retailers throughout NZ.


  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup of frozen mango
  • Handful of leafy greens
  • 1 Tbsp Vitality Organics Essential Greens mix (NZ grown wheatgrass and barley grass)
  • 300ml coconut water


Mix everything in a blender, and with a few twists of the wrist use a wand to create a thick consistency.

Decorate with your favourite garnishes – we love dehydrated kiwifruit, goji berries, coconut chips, pepitas and cacao nibs!

Cleanse + Energise!

Connect with Vitality Organics:

322 Maunganui Road, Mount Maunganui.


If you have an absolute favourite dish from a NZ cafe we’d love to hear from you – we will try our utmost to feature it on the blog! Email us at [email protected]