VEGAN TACOS from Dear Jervois

Here at I AM Co. one of our favourite things to do is enjoy visiting the great cafes around the country. We’re so spoilt to have such an amazing range of cafes serving some hugely delicious, healthy food from a wide variety of cultures. Some of these cafes have been generous enough to share some of our favourites with you….

Dear Jervois in Herne Bay needs no introduction to most Auckland cafe lovers. This wonderful cafe caters for all diets and preferences in a way that promotes health and well being. They take their fair-trade coffee very seriously with a natural approach to food being centred around organic wholefoods. They buy fresh local produce daily then transform it into delicious well-balanced dishes, smoothies and drinks. Dear Jervois’s head chef and Swedish owners are food obsessed perfectionists that love bringing every aspect of local and international elements to your plate.


  • 4 gluten free tortillas
  • 1 jar refried kidney beans
  • 1 -2 kumaras
  • 1 eggplant
  • 1 avocado
  • 1/2 tub cherry tomatoes
  • 1 small red onion
  • Coriander
  • Cashew aioli ( We make our own, recipe below. You can buy ready made if you prefer.)


Cut eggplant into squares and fry in olive oil until soft.
Peel and cut kumara into squares, toss in olive oil and bake in the oven on 180 degrees until soft.
Heat the refried kidney beans in a pot then add the eggplant and kumara. Season.


  • Cut avocado into squares, cut cherry tomatoes into quarters, slice onion thinly and mix with a little bit of olive oil. Season with salt.
  • Cut the tortillas into quarters and heat until a little browned with a bit of olive oil.
  • To assemble place tortillas on the plate and top with refried bean mix and then the salsa. Sprinkle with coriander. Serve with cashew aioli.

Cashew Aioli


  • 1 cup raw cashews ( soaked overnight)
  • 1 cup water
    2 small cloves garlic
    1/2 lemon (juice, flesh and rind)
    2 tsp apple cider vinegar
    1/2 tsp sea salt


Drain and rinse your cashews, then add all ingredients to a high speed blender and blend for 2-3 minutes until super creamy, scraping down the sides a few times in between to push down any chunks.

Connect with Dear Jervois:

234 Jervois Rd, Herne Bay, Auckland
Instagram: @dearjervois
If you have an absolute favourite dish from a NZ cafe we’d love to hear from you – we will try our utmost to feature it on the blog! Email us at [email protected]