DOLSOT BIBIMAP from Simon & Lee

Here at I AM Co. one of our favourite things to do is enjoy visiting the great cafes around the country. We’re so spoilt to have such an amazing range of cafes serving some hugely delicious, healthy food from a wide variety of cultures. Some of these cafes have been generous enough to share some of our favourites with you….

Simon&Lee brings together contemporary classics and modern Korean cuisine to deliver a food and drink experience like no other. The food, coffee and drink offerings are forever changing, showcasing the best suppliers across New Zealand.

What you need:

Dolsot pot


White Rice
Egg (yolk only)
Bulgogi beef mince (optional)
Gochujang paste
Kimchi (on the side)
Bean sprouts
Red Daikon
Red cabbage
Dried shiitake mushrooms
Sesame seeds


First you need to prepare your banchan (Korean sides) to add to the Dolsot.
  • – Shiitake Mushrooms: Soak in water for 1 hour. Drain water, slice and then sautee in a hot pan with salt, pepper, soy sauce and garlic. Set aside
  • – Spinach: Blanch, drain and season with salt and pepper to taste. Set aside
  • – Bean sprouts: Blanch, drain and season with salt, pepper and sesame oil. Set aside
  • – Red Daikon: Slice into thin strips, coat in vinegar, chilli flakes and a tablespoon of sugar. Set aside for 1 hour to pickle
  • – Red Cabbage – Grate and then sautee in a hot pan with salt, pepper and cooking oil. Set aside
  • – Nori Cracker: Slice Nori into strips about 4cm wide. Dust with flour and flash fry in oil
  • – Bulgogi Beef: Pan fry with salt, pepper and soy sauce
  • – Rice: Cook rice as per instructions on packet

Next it’s time to cook your Dolsot:

– Add a teaspoon of butter to the base of the pot and cover with about 2cm rice.
– Arrange your banchan on top of the rice, around the edge of the dolsot and add egg yolk to the centre.
– Cook on a stovetop for 3-4 minutes until a prominent sizzling sound can be heard
– Remove from stove onto a wooden, heatproof tray
– Add sesame seeds and nori cracker to garnish

To serve:

– Add about a teaspoon of gochujang paste to the dolsot
– Mix all ingredients together vigorously
– Eat and enjoy!

Connect with Simon & Lee:

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