A Morning In Her Shoes – Sara Quilter

It’s been said time and time again that attaining a morning ritual or taking solo time before the pressures of the day begin, can truly help success, productivity and happiness. 

Call me nosy, but i’ve always been curious about how other people spend their mornings before they arrive in the public eye polished for their day.  

I wonder, how did their day start…have they eaten breakfast yet? Did they meditate? Did they already run 8km? Find out…

We will be asking a range of successful ladies from all over to find out what habits put the spring in their morning step.

This week we have the glowing Sara Quilter, the brains and beauty behind the NZ made natural skincare range, Tailor.


Sara Quilter Tailor Skincare

Tell us, what does your morning look like as you roll out of bed – what habits or rising rituals do you have that keep you on top and in the game…

What do you drink?

I’ll have a glass of water with some fulvic acid. It’s the best thing to increase your metabolism and nutrient absorption.

What do you eat? Can you share your favourite go-to morning breakfast recipe?

Raw Chocolate smoothie bowl

Then I’ll make myself a Chocolate Smoothie Bowl because I’m a chocolate fiend and if there’s one way to my heart it’s with some sort of healthy chocolate thing.

I blend…

1 banana

1 large kale leaf

A dash of coconut milk

A scoop of coconut yoghurt

1 juicy date

+ Sometimes a raw free range egg (yes weird, and no you can’t taste it).

Pour this mixture into a bowl and top with a nutty paleo mix, some berries and fruit.

How do you move?

This is a great question – because my morning routine has changed over the last few months.

I find my day gets away on me and all of a sudden it’s 6.30pm at night and Vaughan, my partner,  is waiting for me to have dinner which means I’m losing my gym time.

So I’ve changed up my morning routine and the first thing I do is hit the gym, no excuses, even on weekends.

I do this because you have the most control over your day in the morning so you may as well spend this time wisely. Plus early morning workouts kick start your metabolism and get you on the right track for the rest of the day. I’ll either listen to Xavier Rudd and do yoga or listen to an inspirational podcast on the treadmill while walking with 2kg weights.

Sara Quilter NZ

Do you have a practice of stillness or quiet?

This is a great question and the answer is sometimes.

I like to get myself moving in the morning and sometimes my body wants to move very slowly, so I’ll practice a yin yoga sequence which incorporates some elements of stillness.

What’s important to me is that I listen to my body, if it wants to move – I move. If it wants me to slow down, then I listen and take it easy.

The main point is that every morning I show up to the gym and do something which is going to benefit me and the rest of my day.

What’s your morning skincare routine?

Mostly I keep it simple in the morning – I’ll splash some warm water on my face and follow with a Tailor Mist and sometimes i’ll go all out and treat myself to a Tailor Oil Cleanse + Dry Cleanse combo followed by the brand new Tailor Renew (not available yet) and Tailor Serum.
Tailor Skincare NZ

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