A Morning In Her Shoes – Michelle Yandle

It’s been said time and time again that attaining a morning ritual or taking solo time before the pressures of the day begin, can truly help success, productivity and happiness. 

Call me nosy, but i’ve always been curious about how other people spend their mornings before they arrive in the public eye polished for their day.  

I wonder, how did their day start…have they eaten breakfast yet? Did they meditate? Did they already run 8km? Find out…

We will be asking a range of successful ladies from all over to find out what habits put the spring in their morning step.

This week we’re honoured to have the inspiring health and nutrition coach, Michelle Yandle – behind ‘The Good Life Health’ chatting all things mornings with us.

Michelle Yandle The Good Life Health

Tell us, what does your morning look like as you roll out of bed… what habits or rising rituals do you have that keep you on top and in the game?

Lately, I’ve been trying to get into the habit of practicing gratitude before I go to bed and as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning. So I do just that, literally roll out of bed (after hitting snooze a couple times) sit up and put my feet on the ground and think about what I’m thankful for.
Usually, it’s along the lines of thanking the universe for all the blessings that are coming my way that day.

Upon rising…

I’m a bit old-fashioned when it comes to married life and so the first thing I do is make my husband and I our coffees.  My husband likes his with organic cream, while myself, I enjoy a bit of coconut oil in a black coffee.  I’d like to pretend that I then engage into some enlightened activity but usually, I enjoy just sitting and checking in on the happenings of my friends and family on Facebook while I finish my coffee.

What do you drink?

As I mentioned, a glass of water and a coffee with coconut oil are the first rights of passage each morning. I gave up coffee for a while to see if it made me feel any different but after a year, re-introduced it with no ill effects. Coffee can be a really healthy part of a balanced diet and I absolutely love the smell, the warmth and the comfort it brings me each morning.
Coffee black

What do you eat?

I LOVE smoothies and most mornings I’ll start with one.  Another breakfast I’ve really been loving is a baked pumpkin loaf, made with only eggs, pureed pumpkin, cinnamon, and apple. It’s divine with coconut yogurt!

How do you move?

Sometimes before, and sometimes after breakfast, I’ll go for my morning walk.  I am very lucky to live in beautiful Waitara, Taranaki and am in walking distance the river – the beach – and the bush so my morning walk combines all three.  I don’t enjoy hard-core exercise and prefer to use my morning ritual for movement and relaxation rather.

Taranaki NZ

Do you have a practice of stillness or quiet?

My walk is my moment of stillness. It is a time for reflection on the day ahead and total absorption of my surroundings. My best ideas usually come on those early mornings and I really notice it when I don’t get a chance to go for whatever reason.

Can you share your favourite go-to breakfast recipe?

This has been my go-to smoothie recipe for ages and has all the nutrients that my body needs.
Because of that, I call it “Soylent Green” which if you’ve seen the movie, is a bit of a joke. 🙂
It has fibre, healthy fats, multi-vitamins, and probiotics – everything I need to start my day!
Green smoothie
– 1 cup coconut milk
– 1/3 avocado
– 1 scoop Good Green Stuff
– 1 handful spinach
– 1 scoop Vanilla Clean Lean Protein
– Handful of greens such as spinach
– 1 splash of The Kefir Company coconut water kefir
– 1 tsp psyllium husk
Whizz and enjoy!

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