A Morning In Her Shoes – Megan May

It’s been said time and time again that attaining a morning ritual or taking solo time before the pressures of the day begin, can truly help success, productivity and happiness. 

Call us nosy, but we’ve always been curious about how other people spend their mornings before they arrive in the public eye, polished for their day.  

We wonder, what did they eat for breakfast? Did they meditate? Did they stretch? Did they hit the snooze button? Did they only need to worry about themselves or a family…? So many curious questions!

Follow along as we step into the mornings of a wide range of successful ladies from all over and to uncover what habits put the spring in their morning step…

This week we chat to the beautiful Megan May, Creator and Director of Little Bird Organics & The Unbakery.

megan may little bird organics new zealand

“I have 3 cafes, a manufacturing business, daughter, husband and a lot of staff. Little bird organics is a plant based food company that is a culmination of my love of food, health & wellbeing (I spent a good portion of my life sick), the environment (background in environmental science) and my upbringing on an organic farm. I started Little Bird Organics to show people the connection between themselves and the environment – not only is our personal health a reflection of how we feed and nourish ourselves (mind, body, spirit), it’s also a reflection of the health of our wider environment. We can’t escape the fact that in order to thrive we need to look after this planet, ourselves and each other”.

Tell us, what does your morning look like as you roll out of bed…?

Upon rising I usually scrape my tongue (this is an ayurvedic practice) and lightly brush my teeth before having a big glass of water then head into see my daughter. Scrape your tongue? This might sound a bit weird if you haven’t heard of it before but it’s something worth trying and is a really nice morning ritual to do for yourself. You see during the night your body releases toxins, some of which get accumulate on your tongue while you sleep. If you don’t remove them they will get reabsorbed into the body. Tongue scraping can help build a healthy oral microbiota, general immune health, bad breath, improve digestion as well as leave your taste buds working more optimally. Then I have a big glass of my pure synergy powder and some minerals while I make my daughter’s breakfast and get her ready for the day, which usually includes jumping around the lounge to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. Sometimes I get to take the dog for a walk up our little local mountain Te Tatua – a Riukiuta (big king reserve) and take 5 mins to sit at the top and think about the day ahead.

Then I hustle to get ready which includes a cold shower most mornings (to get the circulation going – it also makes you very present very quickly) and head out the door to work which could be at one of the cafes or out to our office in Mangere Bridge.

megan may little bird organics new zealand

What’s the first thing you drink?

Plain water (that’s filtered and mineralised) followed by a glass of Pure Synergy Green Powder which is this incredible green superfoods powder that I’ve had most days for the past 7 years. I focus on having alkalising drinks or foods in the morning. It sets your body up for the day and makes you feel fresh and clear-headed.

What’s the first thing you eat?

It changes but most of the time I don’t eat a lot in the mornings, it’s more of a green smoothies and juice situation. I choose which one depending on how hungry I am. Often I have some of my daughter’s berries as well – she is a berry addict, it’s often the first word that comes out of her mouth in the morning. My days usually involve a lot of recipe development, testing or trying out new specials at the cafes, and so since most of my day is consumed by food I like to keep it simple and give my digestion a little rest in the mornings.

megan may little bird organics new zealand

What’s your favourite way to move your body in the morning?

I love walking early in the morning while everything is still and quiet – I leave my phone at home.

How important is stillness or quiet space first thing?

I don’t have a lot of time by myself in the mornings so they are not as peaceful and filled with yoga and meditation like they were a few years ago. Now I just go with the flow, things are always changing day to day. I just try and pinch little moments where I can to appreciate the stillness even if it’s 5 deep conscious breaths while I’m in the shower or taking 5 mins to sit still when I get to take the dog for a walk – even the little moments you take have a positive impact on your day. If you are a really busy person it’s important not to stress about the fact that you don’t have a lot of time – sure it’s important to try and prioritise a little time for yourself but it’s also important to just do the best with the time and spaces you have and be kind to yourself. Focus on quality not quantity! Don’t let self-care become another to do list or unattainable goal.

Describe your ultimate morning. No obligations…?

A long yoga class, followed by a swim at the beach then a big green juice, matcha latte and a walk along the beach with a friend would be my idea of morning perfection. Before starting ‘Little Bird’ that’s pretty much exactly what I used to do most Saturday mornings (take me back….).

Please share your favourite breakfast recipe…what’s your go-to?

One of my favourite green juices for the morning is from our recipe app ‘The Unbakery’. Broccoli is such an incredible food and tastes wonderful in juices – I usually add a little squeeze of lemon as well for some extra alkalinity and because I like the taste of lemons. Broccoli, apple, cucumber and basil juice. Green juice is a non-negotiable in our diet – if you want to thrive in life, juicing (the green kind) can go a long way to helping you achieve a thriving, vibrant and energised body.

This juice is very refreshing and aromatic, and provides you with a direct hit of all the benefits of raw broccoli. Broccoli is a true wonder food, it helps your body repair damaged tissue and regulates digestion, boosts your immune system and is an excellent source of good-for-your-bones calcium.

megan may little bird organics new zealand


Make time: 5 mins | Makes: 1 large glass | Equipment required: juicer


1 cup broccoli, roughly chopped

1 green apple, cored and roughly chopped

1 cup cucumber, cut to the right size to fit in your juicer

3 sprigs fresh basil


Check your ingredients are chopped to a size that fits your juicer shoot. Process all the ingredients through the juicer, alternating the juicy ones with the more fibrous ones. Make sure you don’t juice the basil last as this will not run through the juicer as well as the other ingredients – instead finish with cucumber as its high water content will blast out anything left in the juicer.

Pour over ice if desired and enjoy!

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