A Morning In Her Shoes – Matilda Rice

It’s been said time and time again that attaining a morning ritual or taking solo time before the pressures of the day begin, can truly help success, productivity and happiness. 

Call us nosy, but we’ve always been curious about how other people spend their mornings before they arrive in the public eye, polished for their day.  

We wonder, what did they eat for breakfast? Did they meditate? Did they stretch? Did they hit the snooze button? Did they only need to worry about themselves or a family…? So many questions!

Follow along as we step into the mornings of a wide range of successful ladies from all over and to uncover what habits put the spring in their morning step…

This week we chat to the gorgeous Matilda Rice, find out how she begins her mornings each day…

Matilda Rice Mornings Interview Healthy

” I’m 26 years old, live in Auckland and have just left my full time job in media at the end of last year to start my own Social Media Consulting business. I’m hugely passionate about health and fitness, but also having balance. I believe health is so much more than just food, and that your body is a pretty incredible contraption, and deserves to be looked after and loved! “

Tell us, what does your morning look like as you roll out of bed…

What’s the first thing you drink?

COFFEE ! I take a while to open my eyes and start functioning, so usually Art makes us a coffee and brings it upstairs for us to have in bed. I don’t really get hungry first thing in the morning, so I function on coffee for a couple of hours.

Matilda Rice Mornings Interview Healthy

What’s the first thing you eat?

I have breakfast around mid-morning, or just wait until lunch time if I’m busy, but usually it is a super delicious, super filling chocolatey dream of a smoothie. It involves banana, spinach, peanut butter, cacao powder, CleanPaleo chocolate (or mocha) protein powder, a few eggs, and almond or coconut milk. So good. I’m salivating just thinking about it.

Matilda Rice Mornings Interview Healthy

What’s your favourite way to move your body in the morning?

I’m pretty slow in the morning, and prefer to do my exercising during the day or after work. If I don’t have time during the day and have to exercise in the morning, I’ll go for a light jog if it’s a nice day, or a quick workout on a mat in the living room in my PJs.

Matilda Rice Mornings Interview Healthy

How important is stillness or ‘quiet space’ first thing?

Hugely important. I don’t like too many sudden movements too early, and I HATE being rushed, so I like to wake up early, doze for a bit, and get ready in a leisurely fashion. I find it sets me up really well for the day if I have a calm start.

Describe your ultimate morning. No kids, no obligations…?

My ultimate morning is to wake up with no alarm (dream), have coffee and a smoothie in bed, read for a bit, then slowly roll out of bed and head out for a walk along the beach to get another coffee. It’s the simple things!

Matilda Rice Mornings Interview Healthy

Please share your favourite breakfast recipe…what’s your go-to?

Apart from the super chocolatey smoothie I mentioned earlier, I love a good Chorizo Hash! This is more of a weekend situation. Basically just fry up chorizo, spinach, peppers, jalapenos and little cubes of kumara if you want, then chuck some fried eggs on top, and you have yourself a spicy treat of a breakfast. Add some Sriracha sauce on the eggs if you love spice like me!

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