A Morning In Her Shoes: Vanisha Mishra-Vakaoti

A morning in her shoes…

It’s been said time and time again that attaining a morning ritual or taking solo time before the pressures of the day begin, can truly help success, productivity and happiness. 

Call me nosy, but i’ve always been curious about how other people spend their mornings before they arrive in the public eye polished for their day.  

I wonder, how did their day start…have they eaten breakfast yet? Did they meditate? Did they already run 8km? Find out…

We will be asking a range of successful ladies from all over to find out what habits put the spring in their morning step.

This week we’re very spoilt to sneak a peek into the mornings of the gorgeous Vanisha Mishra-Vakaoti behind ‘A Life Un-Styled’…

This lady is super inspirational…she hosts a beautiful life & style blog covering all things goodness…it’s her aim to inspire and be inspired through living a life ‘un-styled’, that’s worth photographing. This stunner is a Mama-to-be and is currently based in Dunedin, New Zealand. A must to check-out! Enjoy x

Tell us, what does your morning look like as you roll out of bed… what habits or rising rituals do you have that keep you on top and in the game?

Since becoming pregnant I’ve found I’ve become more of a morning person. I also focus more intentionally on how I wake up rather than what time I wake up.

One of the biggest struggles I had was being joyful first thing in the morning.

Now I spend 30 or so minutes of my first waking moments rubbing my belly and playing with my baby who I can feel kicking, nudging and rolling around in there.

It’s sacred time and sets the most gratitude-filled tone for the day.

I think even thinking of five things you’re most grateful for in your life can have the same effect.

What do you DRINK?

I’m not a coffee drinker, but every now and then I’ll crave a chai tea. I have a friend who is an ayuverdic teaologist and she makes lovely chai tea blends (http://teacoup.com/product-category/chai-tea/).

I’ll move around the kitchen slowly, grating fresh ginger to go with my tea, which I brew on the stove in a little pot.

When I’m not feeling a chai, I’ll resort to a green juice that my husband, Patrick, would have made and popped in the fridge for me. A friend on Instagram suggested I try pineapple, cucumber and chilli – I’ve been hooked ever since!

But I also make sure there’s a big jug of flavoured water (lemon, mint and cinnamon) in the fridge for the rest of the day.

What do you EAT?

During the week perhaps a bowl of seasonal fruit and a little serving of yoghurt. Or a chai-spiced oatmeal (as pictured).

My weekend breakfasts are a lot more interesting.

Patrick makes the yummiest wholemeal banana pancakes or I make Spanish eggs with spicy chorizo which we have with fresh bread.

Homemade muesli is also a favourite in our home.

How do you MOVE?

I don’t drive and we live in the city so I walk everywhere. There’ll often be multiple trips to the art gallery, green grocer, library, café, or bakery. I can easily walk up to 3km a day during my pregnancy.

I’m a big fan of Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy program and enjoy that, but that type of workout doesn’t happen until the afternoons/early evenings.

Do you have a practice of stillness or quiet?

I absolutely hate noise. I’m a bit worried about how I’m going to cope when baby comes along.

I work from home, and during the day it’s just me in a quiet, tranquil space.

Stillness and quietness is something that Patrick and I have incorporated in our home and lifestyle so I find that I don’t have to do too much to mindfully ‘practice’ it, it’s something that just ‘is’.

I do clear my desk surface every afternoon – even though I know I’ll have to take everything out again the next day, or that evening. There’s something about clear surfaces that enhances peace.

Can you share your favourite go-to morning breakfast recipe?

Spanish Eggs with Chorizo:

~ Cook diced garlic and spring onions in olive oil until fragrant.

~ Add beans of your choice, sliced chorizo,diced tomatoes (fresh is good, but the canned variety works too) and your favourite spaces. I add ground cumin and cayenne pepper.

~ Cook until the mixture had reduced slightly.

~ Get the mixture off the heat and add fresh herbs (I like to add herb leaf parsley) and season with salt and pepper.

~ Pop the mixture into oven safe dishes, make a well in the middle and break an egg into it.

~ Put these in the oven until the eggs are done to your liking.


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