A Morning In Her Shoes – Bridget Paddon

A morning in her shoes…

It’s been said time and time again that attaining a morning ritual or taking solo time before the pressures of the day begin, can truly help success, productivity and happiness. 

Call me nosy, but i’ve always been curious about how other people spend their mornings before they arrive in the public eye polished for their day.  

I wonder, how did their day start…have they eaten breakfast yet? Did they meditate? Did they already run 8km? Find out…

We will be asking a range of successful ladies from all over to find out what habits put the spring in their morning step.

This week we have the ever-inspiring Bridget Paddon behind ‘Goal Diggers NZ’

Bridget is a life-coach who works one-on-one with motivated and driven ladies from all over, to help them achieve their biggest dreams and goals.  Goal Diggers NZ is a wonderful community that hosts like-minded ladies who are discovering their passions and unleashing their dreams. 

Amazing! Enjoy sneaking a peek into her morning…

Tell us, what does your morning look like as you roll out of bed, what habits or rising rituals do you have that keep you on top and in the game…?

I’m one of those (annoying, some may say) morning people, once I’m awake I have to get out of bed!

I struggle with sleeping in and am lucky enough to thrive off 6-8 hours of sleep. I have a strict no-technology in the bedroom policy, therefore I’m woken up by my very trendy white alarm clock which is usually tuned into ZM. Anyone else a big fan?

Once I’m out of bed, I hunt out my activewear. By hunt out I mean pick it up off the floor where I left it the night before.

Activewear, check. Kicks, check. Fitbit, check (Gotta get them step goals girl!). Headphones, check. Insightful and inspiring podcast ready to go, check.

And I’m off out the door to hit my stride for about an hour.

When I get back, it is Kai time. Recently I have been fitting in some at home yoga practice which is really yummy.

Then Kai time, shower, straight back into the activewear (a fresh set if I’m feeling extra excited about the day), hair up, thinking cap on, into the GDNZ grind for the day…

What do you drink?

1. Apple Cider Vinegar + Lemon + Water

A capful of ACV, the juice of half a lemon, filled to the top with water. I use cold H20, apparently warm is better, but I say you can’t win em all.

Why do I drink this? A great immune booster, flushes out toxins, purifies and aids digestion. And if Mak from Motivate Me NZ does it, it must be good, right?

2. Green Tea + Lemon + Coconut Oil + Ginger + Turmeric + Boiling Water

Green tea bag, the remaining lemon + juice from the above concoction, a heaped teaspoon of coconut oil, some finely grated frozen ginger and turmeric, topped up with boiling water.

Why do I drink this? This is my natural caffeine hit for the morning. The coconut oil is very satiating and delicious, have you tried it in your hot drinks before? You won’t be disappointed. Green tea, lemon, ginger and turmeric have a number of natural health benefits for the immune system, digestive system and skin.

3. Water.


What do you eat?

I’m not a fancy breakfast eater – my staple is bacon, eggs and avocado. No toast.  A low carb, high fat breakfast is what my body and brain love to run off during the first half of the day!!

If I’m planning on an intense sweat sesh before lunch I will have a jam-packed nutritious smoothie with boiled eggs on the side, for some adequate fuel for my strong growing muscles.

How do you move?

My favourite way to start the morning is with a walk that is anywhere between 40  – 80 minutes. I’m lucky enough to have a sweet track close by that loops around the river banks.  Peaceful, gorgeous and simple. It gives me a chance to clear my head, be present, plan for the day ahead, brainstorm,  jam to some of my favourite songs (loving Trouble by Iggy Azalea atm) or listen to a podcast, I LOVE learning and it is a great way to make the most out of my time.

I try to incorporate a yoga practice into my daily routine as well. My intention is to do this in the morning. If it doesn’t happen in the morning then it will happen after my strength training in the afternoon. Yoga With Adriene is my at home Yogini – go check her out on Youtube.

Inversions are a key part of my morning routine too! Headstands and handstands. There is nothing quite like consciously turning your body upside down and feeling the blood flow in the opposite direction. Upside down deep belly breathing makes everything better.

Do you have a practice of stillness or quiet?

Yoga. When I do this at home, I put my phone on airplane mode and zone in. I am mindful of the connection between my breath, my movements and my mind. 

One of my personal goals for 2016 is to include at least one guided mediation each week. If anyone has any recommendations of where to start, I would love to know!

Can you share you favourite go-to morning breakfast recipe?

Because BAE (Bacon, Avo, Eggs) does not need a recipe…..
Here is my go to smoothie (full of greens, good fats, protein and carbs)…
~ Frozen banana
~ Frozen blueberries (Or mixed berries)
~ Coconut milk &/or coconut water
~ Spinach (I have been freezing this too)
~ Cinnamon, so much cinnamon!
~ Peanut butter (Pics, naturally)
~ Avocado
~ 180 Nutrition 100% natural protein powder
~ 180 Nutrition Cacao powder (The tiniest amount)
~ 180 Nutrition Greens Plus powder
~ Chia seeds
Blend up and drink up!
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