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We’re obsessed with hearing about what other people eat all day everyday and we just know that you’re all as curious as we are! There’s something so intriguing about knowing the secrets of a healthy foodie. Follow along with this series where we find out what a wide range of successful health-loving ladies eat in a day.

Sarah McGuinness is a corporate wellness specialist and passionate mental health champion, working with individuals and workplaces to foster wellbeing. She is also the Founder of the Take Care project, which captures diverse New Zealand women’s stories of self care in the modern world.

Your go-to brekkie is…

Seasonal fruit, buckwheat, nuts and seeds and LSA (ground
linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds) thrown together into a bowl with almond milk poured over the top. Plus coffee. Always coffee!

Your go-to lunch is… If I’m working from home, eggs on toast with whatever else I can find in the fridge. If I’m traveling for work, I try to find the healthiest dairy-free sandwich or salad I can find (which can be a bit tricky I have to say!).

Your go-to dinner is…

Friday leftovers pizza – the best! This one has leftover chicken
and roast veges from the night before. I usually try and serve it with a salad as well to make sure we get through the veges in our fridge by the end of the week.

Dessert or no dessert…

Good question. We don’t tend to have dessert because the sugar before bed can make the evening a total nightmare with the kids. Having said that,
I always have some dark chocolate with a cup of camomile tea after the kids have gone to bed!

What you reach for when a snack attack hits…

Nuts/seeds, fruit, carrots and hummus, bliss balls or peanut butter toast.

Your fave foodie destination…

Melbourne. We lived there for nine years and I miss my favourite restaurants – especially the Italian.

Three foods you can’t live without…

Coffee (is that a food? I’ll count it anyway), peanut butter and dark chocolate.

Your ultimate foodie indulgence…

Melbourne-style seafood spaghetti with garlic, white wine, herbs, tomato and chilli.

The recipe that’ll always get you drooling is…

Seafood spaghetti!

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