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We’re obsessed with hearing about what other people eat all day erryday and we just know that you’re all as curious as we are! There’s something so intriguing about knowing the secrets of a healthy foodie. Follow along with this series where we find out what a wide range of successful health-loving ladies eat in a day.

This week we’re chatting with the lovely Nicola Jackson, Registered Nutritionist, coffee & chocolate lover and Mum to Elsie.

Nicola is a NZ Registered Nutritionist with a passion for helping people stop dieting and binge eating and develop a healthy, balanced relationship with food through intuitive and mindful eating.  Nicola lives in the Wairarapa with her husband and two year old daughter but works with people all around NZ through her online consultations and programmes.

  1. Your go-to brekkie is…

In the winter, oats with chia seeds, yoghurt, fruit and some nuts (or peanut butter) or granola sprinkled on top.  In the summer, usually similar but home made granola instead.  And sometimes peanut butter on toast. I always have a latte at breakfast time too, or soon after.

Your go to lunch…..

I try (try being the operative word…) to be organised and keep individual serves of quinoa and brown rice in the freezer.  Then I defrost them and have with salmon or chicken plus some type of vegetables. I’ll add pesto or some feta cheese for extra flavour and a dressing.  Otherwise it’s egg, tomato and avocado on toast.

  1. Your go-to dinner is…

My girl has hit a fussy phase so a go to at the moment are mince based dishes.  We  will have either Shepard’s pie, spaghetti bolognaise or spaghetti and meatballs once a week.  That way I can add lots of grated vegetables plus some lentils and she gobbles it all down. I’ve also discovered pulse pasta spaghetti which I love to use with the spaghetti bolognaise. The veges I add on the side get chucked off the side of the highchair!

Dessert or no dessert……

We don’t really have dessert at home but I will often have some chocolate in the evenings. I’m a fan of Whittakers and Lindt.

What you reach for when a snack attack hits…

It depends! But my usuals are bliss balls, nuts, fruit, yoghurt or home made nut and seed bars. Sometimes if I’m at home I’ll have peanut butter on wholegrain toast.

Your fave foodie destination…

Salute in Greytown. They do great tapas.

Three foods you can’t live without…

Peanut butter, coffee (is that a food?!) and chocolate

Your ultimate foodie indulgence…

I do love a piece of raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake with fresh berries and ice cream.  Chelsea Winters recipe is amazing.

The recipe that’ll always get you drooling is…

This brown rice salad with cashews, capsicum and currants is a favourite in our house, especially in summer time.

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