Megan Graham + Sophie MacKenzie

We’re obsessed with hearing about what other people eat all day everyday and we just know that you’re all as curious as we are! There’s something so intriguing about knowing the secrets of a healthy foodie. Follow along with this series where we find out what a wide range of successful health-loving ladies eat in a day.

Megs & Soph are two Marlborough girls (Soph now based in Cambridge, Megs still in Blenheim). Who have a huge passion for health, wellness, fitness and everything food – especially wholesome goodness. Both New Zealand athletes, Soph a world champion, competed at the 2016 Rio Olympics and is still currently recovering from an injury but still rowing and Megs National Squash Champion, competed at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games and is now a busy working mum. 

Your go-to brekkie is…

SOPH – porridge with Nuzest vanilla pea protein and frozen berries topped with Kalo Greek yogurt, honey and LSA. 
MEGS – oats, chia seeds, shredded coconut cooked with water and a dash of coconut cream. Nuzest protein stirred through, topped with Greek yoghurt, nut butter and raspberries.

Your go-to lunch is…

SOPH – eggs! On toast on a brown rice or quinoa salad. Poached, scrambled or hard-boiled just depends on my mood haha!

MEGS – Eggs too!! At the moment my fave is tofu fried up with a dash of tamari, turmeric and man rub spice, a huge handful of spinach and then eggs scrambled through it so dam good and an easy one pan meal. 

Your go-to dinner is…

SOPH – kumara roasties with homemade morrocan lamb meatballs and buttered miso broccoli and spinach + a serve of sauerkraut 
MEGS – Venison steak, kumara and potato chips and a big salad of spinach, roast beets, and feta with a honey, mustard, olive oil and lemon dressing. 

Dessert or no dessert…

SOPH – always dessert when I can, chocolate anything. But my ultimate favourite is mums peach crumble.
MEGS – 100% dessert! Always a cup tea or hot choc and then either frozen mango and Greek yogurt, or frozen banana choc mousse, or chocolate! 

What you reach for when a snack attack hits… 

Homemade bliss balls

Crackers and avocado or homemade bliss balls.

Your fave foodie destination…

SOPH – hmmm tough one but I really loved Bali, Cangu, for all the delicious smoothie bowls!
MEGS – sorry for copying Soph’s answers Haha but I have to go Bali too! Or Gold Coast. 

Three foods you can’t live without…

SOPH cacao/dark chocolate, oats, eggs
MEGS – avocado, bananas, chocolate 

Your ultimate foodie indulgence…

SOPH –  Megs Raw caramel slice, I literally have NO self control when this slice comes out.
MEGS – raw banoffee pie, or sharing a fresh batch of raw caramel slice with Soph is the ultimate combo 🙂 

The recipe that’ll always get you drooling is…

All time favourite Megs and Soph recipe is Meg’s Raw Caramel Slice, seriously incredible! Link here.

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