Claire Turnbull

We’re obsessed with hearing about what other people eat all day erryday and we just know that you’re all as curious as we are! There’s something so intriguing about knowing the secrets of a healthy foodie. Follow along with this new series where we find out what a wide range of successful health-loving ladies eat in a day.

This week we chat with the super inspiring Claire Turnbull, successful nutritionist and director of Mission Nutrition. We are excited to hear what this health advocate eats in a day!

Claire Turnbull

Claire is a qualified nutritionist who has been studying and working in the wellness world for over 17 years. She is the Director of the nutrition practice and corporate wellness company, Mission Nutrition, as well as being the nutritionist for Healthy Food Guide magazine and the author of two best selling books. Claire regularly appears on TV, radio and in print media and has recently been on the 10-part TV series on Choice TV, The Healthy Food Guide. Claire has a 3-year-old little boy and is expecting another boy at the end of the year!

Your go-to brekkie is…

At the moment, I am loving one of the mixes below packed with protein, healthy fat and a small amount of healthy starch… There are so many combos!

The combo basics: 1 cup unsweetened natural yoghurt, 1 serving fruit, 1 tbsp nuts/seeds and 2 tbsp rolled oats.

My 2 current favourite mixes are…

Raspberry Ripple: Yoghurt, frozen raspberries (slightly defrosted), chia seeds, oats and 2 tsp desiccated coconut

Apple Crumble: Yoghurt, grated apple, chia/sunflower/pumpkin seeds, oats and a pinch of cinnamon.

Raspberry RippleYour go-to lunch is…

Huge bowl of slaw with some kind of tasty dressing. I have ALL sorts of dressing at my place! 1/4 avocado, 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds, 1/4 cup chickpeas and then either a boiled egg, tuna, salmon or leftover chicken. YUMMO, a huge bowl of deliciousness.

Your go-to dinner is…

If time is tight, an omelette… Normally red onion, spinach, mushrooms and cheese with tomato chutney and if I am in need of some starch, a few grainy crackers with avo on the side.

When I have more time, I am loving a good chilli at the moment. Lean beef mince, LOTS of veggies, kidney beans, black beans and plenty of spice with a small amount of brown rice and often some shredded lettuce and grated carrot. Oh and a dollop of sour cream and slice of avocado if I have some. Mexican, healthy style and deeeeelicous.

Veggie OmeletteDessert or no dessert…

I don’t really do dessert at home, mostly just some fruit or unsweetened yoghurt blended with frozen berries occasionally. As I hardly ever have dessert, if I was to have it, it might be when I was out and I would choose something like crème brulee; nothing healthy about it, but it’s good for the soul to enjoy small treats occasionally. I don’t believe being healthy means living in deprivation!

What you reach for when a snack attack hits…

Wholegrain crackers and cottage cheese or sliced apple/pear and a tablespoon of nut butter smeared on top are my go to’s at the moment. A smoothie if I have time and am a bit more hungry; one with veggies and a max of one fruit serving.

Your fave foodie destination…

There are so many. I had some AMAZING meals at Oaken in Britomart recently. My friend Sam, who I worked with on the Healthy Food Guide TV show, is the head chef there and he loves healthy food so has done a great job with their menu.

Oaken MealThree foods you can’t live without…

Avocado – good with every meal and so yum in smoothies.

Frozen berries – I have them everyday in one way or another, they are so versatile.

Eggs – definitely up there too! I have chickens and their eggs are amazing; breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, awesome.

Your ultimate foodie indulgence…

Blue cheese – I’d have that over chocolate anyday.

The recipe that’ll always get you drooling is…

On the slightly healthy side of things, it would be this recipe for Healthier Chocolate Mousse.

Healthier Chocolate MousseConnect with Claire…

Instagram: @claire.turnbull

Facebook: Claire Turnbull NZ



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